Ruedas Venn Var 77 Filament Wound


Las ruedas Venn Var 77 ofrecen un comportamiento aerodinámico óptimo con un shape diseñado mediante IA que evoluciona de las actuales U-Shape. Cuenta con un generosísimo grosor interno de 21 mm y hasta 30 mm externo. Pero además, VENN utiliza una impresionante tecnología en en el proceso de fabricación de los aros llamada Filament Winding que las hace únicas. El rendimiento de estas ruedas es espectacular.

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Ruedas Venn Var 77 Filament Wound


Conoce la tecnología Filament Wound en este artículo de nuestro blog. Cualquier montaje con llantas VAR 77 es posible. Consúltanos.


VAR filament winding process utilises slit tape towpreg to accurately lay up the carbon fiber in an automated, computer controlled process. The use of preimpregnated carbon fiber tape allows us to use the latest resins that offer the optimal blend of high glass transition temperature (Tg), toughness and impact resistance. Var rims can therefore be used in challenging conditions where extended braking periods are expected.





The profile of the Var 77 TCD rim was developed using the world first artificial intelligence driven process to offer the best aerodynamics when used with 25-28mm tires. The external width of 30mm optimizes the airflow in combination with wider tires, while the internal width of 21mm ensures that the wider tires achieve a stable, round profile.

The Var 77 rim profile achieves excellent aerodynamics in the real world conditions where the wind comes from different directions during your ride, not in a orderly manner as seen in wind tunnels. In fact the drag of Var 77 wheels falls in presence of cross winds

















The rim width also means that the rims are laterally very stiff while the filament winding process ensures that the rims remain vertically compliant due to the 45 degree fiber layup bias. The combination of these features results in very fast, safe handling wheels that can be used in any conditions.

The wheels are compatible with clincher, or tubeless tires that when used with a sealant virtually eliminate the inconvenience of having a flat tire away from home, or during a race.

Venn Rea db S hubs feature a cold forged, CNC machine hub shell with a low drag 36 pawl engagement freehub rolling on Enduro bearings that feature dual lip seals to keep the water and dirt out, and grease in ensuring better performance even in bad weather. They are compatible with Shimano CenteRlock disc brake rotors.



Above: transient airflow simulation of the Var 77 rim showing very good airflow attachment and minimal turbulent wake creation. The surface pressure plot additionally shows that there are no sudden pressure drops that would lead to premature separation of the airflow.

Manufacturing technology Machine filament wound
Brake compatibility Disco Centerlock / Llanta
Tire type Tubeless clincher
Size 29″, 700c
Width 30mm external, 21mm internal
Depth 77mm
Rim weight 610g +/- 15g
Hubs Venn Rea Centrelock / Dt Swiss 350 / DT Swiss 240
Spokes 24/24 Pillar PSR 1422 / DT Swiss CX-Ray / D-Light
Nipples Sapim alloy
Rider weight limit 110kg
Wheelset weight 1715 / 1850 / 1950

Información adicional

Peso 4 kg
Tipo de freno

Freno de disco, Freno de llanta


Dt Swiss 240, DT Swiss 350, Venn Rea DB


Shimano/Sram 10/11v, Sram XDR 12v


Pillar PSR, Sapim CX-Ray, Sapim D-Light

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