Ruedas DT Swiss Arc 1400 Dicut® Carbon Disc 50 CL 2020


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La nueva generación de ruedas aerodinámicas de DT Swiss. Rediseño total del perfil de la mano de los expertos de Swiss Side con una anchura actualizada de hasta 30 mm. Máxima aerodinámica y fiabilidad.

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DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon 50 Disc CL Wheelset

With the ARC series, DT Swiss has fundamentally changed the perspective in road bike wheel engineering: Instead of just looking at aerodynamics, they are looking for the best compromise between air friction, steering torque and rolling resistance. The 2020 vintage, the second generation, continues this concept and tears down existing walls that were thought to be incontrovertible. The ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon has therefore become wider. 50mm rim height is perfect for varied and tight courses that require excellent handling.

Benchmark aero road wheel: DT Swiss ARC Disc 1400 Dicut Carbon

19 was the day before yesterday, 23 yesterday: The tyre width will be at least 25mm with ARC Dicut in 2020, and even 28mm is possible at the rear. Because wider is the new faster with DT Swiss, the ARC wheels now have a 20mm rim width. Behind all this, there is of course a sophisticated concept: it is called AERO+ and follows the approach of looking at the wheel in its entirety. Steering characteristics and rolling resistance have also moved to the centre of interest. Steering torque also includes the actual aerodynamic issue of crosswind sensitivity, which is not taken into account when considering frontal drag only.

Lateral forces influence the handling proportionally more than one would expect. DT Swiss’ goal was therefore to minimize the lateral forces and to provoke a sailing effect — this combination delivers the best rideability. To achieve this, DT Swiss has refined the rim shape (VU instead of V or U!) and also relies on advanced hub technology. And the spokes have also been reworked according to all the rules of aero design.
The result is a new dimension in overall efficiency, which enables the ARC wheels to convert energy into maximum performance. This is made possible by the optimum combination of weight, aerodynamics and handling.

Product features – ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon 50

  • Use: Road / TT / Triathlon
  • Model: ARC 1400
  • Wheel size: 28″
  • Rim diameter: 622mm (700c)
  • Rim type: Clincher
  • Tubeless ready:
  • Rim height: 50mm
  • Inner width: 20mm
  • Outer width: 26.5mm
  • Hub axle system: Thru axle
    • Front: 12 x 100mm
    • Rear: 12 x 142mm
  • Recommende tyre: 25mm or 28mm
  • Hub type: 240 Dicut
  • Hub bearings: SINC Ceramic bearings
  • Freehub system: 36T RATCHET EXP
  • Freehub body: Shimano Road 9-/10-/11-speed
  • Holes/Spokes: 2-cross (1:1)
  • Spokes: DT aero comp t-head
  • Nipples: DT Pro Lock hidden aluminum
  • Valve hole: Presta / SV Ø 6.5 mm
  • Brake system: Disc Center Lock
  • Max recommended system weight: 110kg (body weight + bike + equipment)
  • ASTM Classification: 1


  • Rim: Carbon
  • Hub: Aluminum
  • Spoke: Stainless steel
  • Nipple: Aluminum
  • Freehub body: Aluminum


  • black

Weight (manufacturer information)

  • Front: 716g
  • Rear: 836g
  • Wheelset: 1.552g

Scope of delivery Wheelset

  • ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon 50 Disc CL Wheelset
  • 2 Tubeless tapes 23mm
  • 2 Tubeless valves alu black 49-65mm
  • 1 SRAM Road freehub kit
  • 2 Endcap Kit for 5mm axle
  • 2 Valve guards

Scope of delivery Rear

  • ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon 50 Disc CL Rear
  • 1 Tubeless tape 23mm
  • 1 Tubeless valve alu black 49-65mm
  • 1 SRAM Road freehub kit
  • 2 Endcap Kit for 5mm axle
  • 2 Valve guards

Scope of delivery Front

  • ARC 1400 Dicut® Carbon 50 Disc CL Rear
  • 1 Tubeless tape 23mm
  • 1 Tubeless valve alu black 49-65mm
  • 2 Endcap Kit for 5mm axle
  • 2 Valve guards

DT Swiss Technologies

ARC Rim Technology
DT Swiss is a disc fan: the greater freedom provided by the disc brake system gives the Swiss wheel specialists completely new possibilities in rim design. With the AERO+ concept, they have focused on the overall handling of the wheel. The two rim shapes V and U established in the racing bike industry become VU. The second generation of ARC wheels combines the shapes and achieves the tapered rim end and the more voluminous rim body – and thus the optimal aerodynamics.

More width = less rolling resistance → 20 mm inner width!
Wider tyres have a positive influence on rolling resistance. Due to the larger volume they have a wider contact area and can be ridden with less air pressure. As a result, the tyre deforms less than narrow tyres and the rolling resistance decreases. Rolling resistance is about more than just the forces that need to be applied to roll on different surfaces or to overcome obstacles. Wider rim widths and wider tyres support the handling characteristics such as traction and comfort, which are also important in the DT Swiss concept. The second generation with 20 mm rim width sets the benchmark at 25mm at the front and 25 or 28mm tyres at the rear.

Remastered Hub 240 Dicut — DT-Swiss hub technology
DT Swiss is known for high quality hubs. The redesigned 240 Dicut hub also lives up to this reputation. While the greater distance between the hub bearings increases the hub stiffness and makes it more resistant, the easy, tool-less maintenance also maximizes the overall life of the hub. Compared to the Dicut Aero hubs of earlier days, the silhouette of the hub body has been reduced in size and aerodynamically improved. This is also due to the two-in-one spoke hole technology, which saves holes in the flange. On the rear wheel, the RATCHET EXP freewheel hub system, the latest state of the art, works for the best possible power transmission.

Cooperation with Swiss Side
For more than five years DT Swiss has been working with Swiss Side, the leading aerodynamics experts in the road bike industry. With more than 20 years of technical experience in Formula 1 aerodynamics and more recently in world-class cycling innovations, Jean-Paul Ballard (aka JP) is the mastermind behind Swiss Side.

DT Swiss Support for Conversion

The support site offers an overview and can help you to find the right conversion kit to convert your hub to fit a new axle measurement or for a new group set.

➤ DT Swiss Conversion Charts


Código del fabricante: WARC140AIDXCA12593 + WARC140NI

EAN: 4059454038790

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