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El dispositivo Velocomp Aeropod es un medidor de CDA en tiempo real. Un auténtico «túnel del viento» de bolsillo de sorprendente precisión. Tu nueva herramienta para ahorrar preciosos vatios. Free Speed en estado puro.


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How can wind become your competitive advantage?  AeroPod® shows you how!

Every cyclist knows that wind makes you pedal harder and bike slower.  That’s why the fastest cyclists use aerodynamic CdA measurement to reduce the effect of wind.

CdA measurement has traditionally been an elite, difficult, and expensive, with testing in done wind tunnels and velodromes, supervised by engineers and technicians operating complicated equipment and software.

But now, Velocomp’s award-winning AeroPod revolutionizes CdA measurement. You ride outdoors, on your normal roads, using AeroPod, your power meter, and your Garmin or Raptor bike computer.  No other equipment or technicians required!

AeroPod improves your cycling in three ways:

  • AeroPod’s “CdA Test” mode lets you test and compare ride positions and equipment, helping you find the optimum aero setup that’s best for your style of riding.
  • AeroPod’s “Training/Racing” mode provides rapid, continuous aerodynamic feedback during your ride, telling you when you’re more (or less) aero than usual, and quantifying how much time you save when your aerodynamics are better than usual.
  • AeroPod also functions as a stand-alone power meter that works on any of your bikes

AeroPod makes cycling faster and easier, and your riding style smarter.

Elite triathlete Steve Jackson, winner of Ironman Florida, shows how AeroPod quantifies the benefit of his skin suit and aero helmet.

Congratulations AeroPod®

2018 Eurobike Award Winner – Bike Components

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Design
  • Weight / pack size

Eurobike Jury Statement
“The AeroPod is a useful addition to a power measuring device. It measures air resistance and helps the cyclist to adopt a better and more aerodynamic position on the bike.”

What is CdA, and why is it important to me?

CdA is a measurement of how aerodynamic you are.  CdA combines two factors: how much surface area you and your bike present to the wind hitting you (“A”), and the coefficient of drag caused by your clothing and the shaping of your bike equipment (“Cd”).

The lower your CdA the easier it is to ride against the wind; you ride faster without pedaling harder!

But when your CdA goes up you are less aerodynamic: it takes more power to fight the wind, and you ride more slowly.

There are lots of things that affect CdA: wheels, bike helmet, ride position, and seat height are just a few. But here’s the thing: any changes that reduce your CdA will let you ride faster against the wind.

Helping you ride faster is what AeroPod is all about:

  • AeroPod CdA Testing helps you determine the ride position and equipment that makes you more aerodynamic.
  • AeroPod Live CdA during training and racing helps you manage your aerodynamics in real time, for fastest riding.

How AeroPod works

AeroPod sensors measure on-the-road data (bike speed, hill slope, bike acceleration, wind speed), and AeroPod also receives ANT+ power data from your direct force power meter (DFPM).  AeroPod processes all of this data, in real-time, to calculate the exact value of CdA that balances AeroPod’s opposing force power measurements with the DFPM’s applied force power measurements.

AeroPod CdA measurements are updated every second, according to changes in bike speed, wind speed, hill slope, bike acceleration, and applied power.

It sounds complicated (most certainly, the math is!) but Velocomp has 12 years of experience in developing and perfecting its patented method of CdA measurement.

How AeroPod improves your cycling aerodynamics

AeroPod provides three ways to measure and improve your aero-riding:

  • CdA Testing on a closed course.  AeroPod CdA Testing measures and compares the CdA of different riding positions, helmets, clothing, and more.  You ride on a closed course (a loop or out-and-back route), and at the end of each test AeroPod provides an accurate, 3-digit measurement of your CdA, displayed on your Garmin or Raptor bike computer.  Test different gear and ride positions and compare your CdA test results, to find the combination of aero equipment and ride position that works best for you.
  • Live CdA when training and racing.  AeroPod provides second-by-second updates of your CdA while riding on your training and racing routes.  Monitor your ride position aerodynamics to stay as aero as possible, and quantify the cumulative Time Advantage savings (or loss!) caused by changing ride positions while cycling.
  • Isaac software for PC/Mac lets you analyze, post-ride, your CdA and Time Advantage performance.  This useful analysis helps your next ride be better than your last.

AeroPod wind port view

AeroPod works with many ANT+™ devices

  • CdA, Time Advantage, Slope, and Wind data are displayed LIVE with the AeroPod CdA appinstalled on your compatible Garmin Connect IQ device (click here for a complete list of compatible Garmin devices)
  • Raptor Smart Glasses will also display live CdA, Time Advantage, Slope and Wind data. You don’t need to load any special app onto your Raptor glasses.
  • AeroPod power measurements will be displayed on most ANT+ bike computers (Garmin, Wahoo, Lezyne, Stages, etc.), most non-ANT+ bike computers such as Polar and Suunto, and bike computer apps running on iOS/Android smartphones

Read DC Rainmaker’s First Look at AeroPod!

AeroPod also is a stand-alone power meter!

If you have more than one bike, use AeroPod as the stand-alone power meter for all your other bikes:

  • Both-leg power measurement, with precision comparable to “gold-standard” power
  • AeroPod power measurement works with ANY bike: road, TT, MTB, gravel, cross, you name it!
  • Moves easily from bike to bike
  • Simple to use: attach to handlebars, pair, ride
  • Transmits ANT+™ power/slope/wind speed measurements
  • Also works with Velocomp’s PowerHouse Bike app for iOS/Android, and most other bike computer apps for iOS/Android

AeroPod is the only product in the world that functions both as an aero sensor and as a stand-alone power meter.

Isaac Software CdA and Power Analysis

Seeing real-time CdA and power numbers on-the-road is great, but analyzing your data after the ride yields important, additional insights.  Isaac software has an exclusive, “Analyze CdA” tools that allow you to do things like:

  1. Quantify the CdA aerodynamics of different kinds of equipment
  2. Change ride positions and analyze, post-ride, the CdA and Time Advantage benefit
  3. Analyze race results to see where you are more, or less, aero

Riding in Time Trial position: Isaac measures CdA (.316) and quantifies the time advantage gain (32 seconds)

Get AeroPod now!

What’s in the box

Additional items required, not supplied

  • CdA and power display: Garmin ANT+™ bike computer, or Raptor glasses
  • Power display only: ANT+ bike computers, most non-ANT+ bike computers including Polar and Suunto, and bike computer apps running on iOS/Android smartphones
  • Direct Force Power Meter (required for CdA measurement)
  • ANT+™ Speed sensor (cadence sensor optional but recommended)
  • USB charger

Información adicional

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